When would you recommend an all-inclusive hosting and support package?

One of the first things we do when taking on new clients is to assess their in-house capabilities. More often than not, clients do not have an experienced web manager in-house. In which case, we provide training for the Content Management System to a designated staff member.

Even if the staff member takes to the CMS like a duck to water, there can be several pitfalls. For example:

  • Staff members have little time for site management as they are focussed on their primary role,
  • Staff and volunteers come and go – in which case website care becomes inconsistent and CMS re-training is required.
  • Lack of confidence – or too much of it – leading to an incoherent site that confuses and discourages visitors.
  • Ad hoc support requests outweighing the cost of an an-inclusive support package.

If you are a small business or charity the all-inclusive hosting and support package is often the simplest and most cost-effective option. Whether you require content updates, new pages or design changes, you can contact us at any time for help.

Having said that, the all-inclusive hosting and support option is also commissioned by clients with a dedicated website manager. Especially those with extensive multi-site resources to maintain.

Either way, our all-inclusive Hosting and Support packages are not one size fits all. We always aim to create a bespoke hosting and support package that suits your specific needs and budget.

You can find full details of our Hosting and Support options by clicking here – or simply call us to discuss a bespoke solution to meet your specific needs.