Choose an Ever-Evolving Website

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Choose an Ever-Evolving Website

If you are reading this you are probably looking to build a new website for your local Mind charity. Or perhaps you need to rebuild or redesign an existing website?

Either way you could be facing a big outlay for a professional website project. This can be a big stumbling block when it comes to funding, especially if you are a smaller local charity with limited resources.

An often overlooked issue is that standalone commissioned websites have a shelf life. So you need to factor in further outlay as time goes on.

How long does a website last?

Most online articles recommend a website redesign or rebuild every 3-5 years. The main reason being that website and device technology changes constantly. So a standalone website simply falls behind and can face security issues. Plus your website design can become stale, especially when a rebrand is implemented.

But what if you commissioned a flexible website that continuously evolves and grows with your charity?

Don’t go down a dead end - commission an ever-evolving website

Instead of commissioning a standalone bespoke design website, take a different approach. You can avoid major project outlay by commissioning one of our free Mind website templates, supported by our affordable managed hosting.

Lower outlay and affordable running costs

The initial outlay is lower and the cost of having a professionally managed website is spread as an affordable monthly outgoing.

Latest website technology and security features

Our managed websites are constantly updated with latest technologies and security updates. And when branding changes or you tire of your website design, our flexible template is easy to update.

Don't get stuck in a rut. Choose an affordable ever-evolving website!

Standalone Website vs Supported Website

If you take the main reasons for a website rebuild into consideration, our managed website templates make great sense – especially if you are on a budget. The following comparisons illustrate the advantages of our flexible managed Mind websites.

PROBLEM: Website is not responsive

Not all standalone websites are designed to display on different devices. If your current site is not responsive, it requires a complete rebuild.

Our free Mind template websites are designed to display perfectly on all devices – from desktops to mobile phones.

PROBLEM: Technology outdated or obselete

Website software and devices are constantly evolving. If not updated your standalone website will fall behind and could stop functioning correctly.

We constantly update our Mind website templates to adapt to changes in internet protocols, programming developments and changes in device technology.

PROBLEM: Security Issues

Without constant updates and maintenance a standalone website becomes a security concern and vulnerable to malicious hacking.

With our supported Mind websites, maintenance and updates are undertaken on a regular basis. The latest security shields are in place and your site is backed up regularly to protect data and content.

PROBLEM: Outdated Design

When your standalone website looks tired or needs rebranding, it can involve a costly redesign or rebuild.

Our free Mind website template comes with a choice of designs. If you are tired of one – you can simply switch to another. And any Mind branding updates can be universally applied across all designs.

PROBLEM: User engagement declines

Standalone websites can get stuck in a rut with stale content delivery and visitor numbers start to drop off.

Our Mind websites can be flexibly updated with a range of add-on features to boost visitor engagement. From online donation and fund-raising tools, to document libraries and staff / volunteer areas.

PROBLEM: Less Website Traffic

Search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms. So you will fall behind in search rankings and lose visitor traffic as time goes on.

All our Mind website templates come with the latest SEO tools to help your visitors find your website pages. These are regularly adapted to help Google find your site and improve your search rankings.

To find out more about our free template websites for local Minds, click here. If your current website needs to be updated, we may be able to transfer the existing content directly into this website template. The template is offered free to all local Minds. Please contact us and we can do a quick check for you.

Our managed hosting and support services enable you to continuously evolve and grow your website in line with your charity’s activities. These services are available to all local Minds, even if your site was not built by us. To find out more, click here.


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